Capturing Your Audience Where It Counts with iStyxX ProXimityspot

Ensuring Your Wi-Fi Is Working for You!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could provide a mobile service to customers visiting your location that provided them with real-time offers and discounts? Wouldn’t it be even better if the only offers and discounts your customers were viewing were your own? Mobile technology has increasingly provided businesses with a phenomenal tool to increase traffic, generate profits, and foster growth. ProXimityspot takes those benefits to the next level by ensuring that your content is the only content your visitors are finding while using your Wi-Fi.

The Power of Captivity.

It is not a secret that a captive audience is a powerful method of marketing. When individuals cannot help but see your message, it forces them to consider what you have to offer, demonstrates your ability to deliver it, and firmly plants your brand in their minds. If you are paying for Wi-Fi and internet access for your customer’s use, why not monetize that investment for yourself and advertise your product, not someone else’s.

ProXimityspot takes advantage of your Wi-Fi and causing it to work for you. It generates a higher number of impressions in a way that no other marketing product can do. We have all been bombarded with advertisements when using our mobile devices. Some are useful and helpful; others are wholly inappropriate. What could be more relevant than ensuring that when people are at your location, it is your own advertising that is featured?

Exceptional Support Services.

iStyxX provides ProXimityspot with the best in both hardware and software to do all this, but our service does not stop there. Our skilled and dedicated team handle the work for you from installation to ongoing maintenance. This ensures your Wi-Fi service is operating at top efficiency, pleasing your customers, and sharing with them the exact message or call to action you’d like, pleasing your bottom-line.

iStyxX Offers More.

We’d love to visit with you to discuss all the fantastic benefits that our ProXimityspot service delivers; or to talk about any of the other great solutions we provide. We invite you to contact our team at any time with your questions, and a team member will be in touch to answer them. Experience the benefits of ProXimityspot at your location, what have you to lose? Contact iStyxX today and see why “Xmarks the Spot!”