iStyxX Hotspot:
Wi-Fi for Your Customers, Benefits for Your Business

It is A Mobile World: Providing Your Customers Wi-Fi Is a Must!

In this day and age, the availability of Wi-Fi at your place of business is something your clients and customers care about. Whether sitting in your waiting room, browsing your wares or sipping your beverages people desire and demand the availability of internet access. In short, if you are not offering a Wi-Fi hotspot, you may be losing out to competitors who do. On the other hand, providing high-speed Internet access involves yet another expense that must be budgeted for. Depending on the speed and quality of your Wi-Fi, that expense can also be a significant one. Fortunately, iStyxX provides an excellent option for your business to monetize your existing Wi-Fi and internet access; the iStyxX Hotspot.

Reaching Targeted Audiences Like Never Before.

iStyxX is a powerful advertising and marketing platform that was designed with progressive marketers and entrepreneurs in mind. Through iStyxX, your customer base will be provided with unique, high-quality content and advertising that is highly relevant. From, direct-response coupons to discounts and other carefully targeted offers, they become a captive audience directly through the use of their laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

The iStyxX Difference.

Of course, providing content and advertising is only one side of the equation. The goal is to ensure the targeted audiences acts upon it. That is why the content they receive must focus on fostering active participation to achieve maximum results. Best of all, iStyxX provides any needed hardware and software, as well as access to our dedicated team. Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring you are fully satisfied. The technology iStyxX provides is state-of-the-art and does not disappoint. There are so many reasons why turning your location into an iStyxX Hotspot is a great way to promote your business.

Don’t Delay, Find Out More Today!

We’d love to visit with you to discuss the many great benefits your own iStyxX Hotspot will provide. We invite you to review our full range of services and welcome you to contact us with any questions. A dedicated member of our team will contact you to discuss how you can implement the revolutionary iStyxX Hotspot platform for yourself. What have you to lose? Contact iStyxX today and see why “Xmarks the Spot!”