iStyxX Dropspot: Multiply Your Marketing Efforts With Mail

More Impressions Means More Opportunity.

A great marketing campaign seeks to engage the most significant number of individuals in a carefully targeted fashion in the best and most affordable ways possible. Indeed, great campaigns can accomplish this through a combination of mediums, careful branding, and exceptional follow-through. Today, due to the vast number of consumers doing their research and business online, using digital marketing such as our Adspots is vital. However, for maximum impressions, it is helpful to diversify your efforts. That is where our Dropspot program excels.

Place A Billboard In Their Home!

You’ve probably been the recipient of a magnet mailer. These are advertisements mailed to your targeted audience that are magnetic. Magnet mailers usually include coupons, discounts, and other messages to entice the consumer into buying your product or service. Since magnet mailers often are hung on the refrigerator door, or the filing cabinet at work, they allow businesses to place a targeted billboard in the very homes and offices of the demographic they seek to reach.

Using Dropspot, especially when used in conjunction with other exceptional iStyxx services, your business will have the ability to reach the right people, in the right ways, at the right time; every time. Furthermore, they are an excellent tool to help measure ROI. These mailers not only increase redemption rates, but through those redemptions, you can physically see your investment working for you.

iStyxX Makes It Easy.

Our talented and dedicated team take the hard work and implementation needed for a Dropspot campaign to bring the ultimate results. We work closely with you to plan your campaign with expert advice, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We’d love to visit with you about our Dropspot service, as well as any of our other great solutions that are guaranteed to bring results. You are invited to contact us at any time with your questions, and a dedicated team member will be in touch to answer them. You will be amazed at the benefits a personalized Dropspot campaign will do for you. What have you to lose? Contact iStyxX today and see why “Xmarks the Spot!”